Now Gordon Motta has his own site with lots of useful links for tango aficionados.  Check it out!
    Dancing Argentine Tango on the Islands of Hawaii.   Links to Gordon Motta in Waimea, Murat and Michele Erdemsel and much much more.
    Enjoying and promoting West Coast Swing in West Hawaii, with a little Nightclub Two Step and other dances thrown in for fun.
    Extensive listing of links to all kinds of dance organizations across the state.
    Huge selection of instructional videos and DVD, Dance Music and more.
  • Tiger Jones Productions
    Promoting Salsa and other dance events on the West side, TJP offers top quality audio, visual, music and more to host an incredible event indoors or outdoors.


(Listing of these websites is provided as a service to members and does not constitute endorsement by the Hilo Bay Dance Club or its officers.)

    Check out our friend Norman Yee's website.   Gentlemen:  want to know how to become a dance host on a cruise?  Norm's got the scoop!

  • Lover's Paradise Suite
    Jim and Amy Lee's Hawaiian Bed and Breakfast - "Our mission is to provide the most luxurious of comforts, fun filled entertainments and recreations, plus wide breakfast selections all included in one rate."
  • Digital Art Hawaii
    You'll often see Andrew, your webmaster, with his camera(s).   See some of his  work on his personal website.   New galleries will be added periodically.
  • Faith LeLievre's website
    Your Vice-President has talents you didn't know about.
     Faith began her studies of kung fu and the Chinese Internal Arts at the age of 17 and has had the good fortune to study with some of the top masters in these arts. "I am so very thankful to all of my teachers over the years. It is with much appreciation and gratitude that I offer this glimpse into my martial arts training.  There are no words to express my deep gratitude for their teachings and time spent with me."

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